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tom dudding

Tom Dudding is an accomplished wildlife artist based in County Durham England and has exhibited his work throughout the UK and Europe over the last 17 years.
Tom travels extensively to find inspiration and reference to inform his work, in this commitment he states that, “It is necessary to be sympathetic, to have an understanding and see how the animal behaves in its environment whether that be in an urban or natural setting. You must hear the sounds, smell the smells and see the colours that the animal sees, it must be throughout the seasons, regardless of weather or environment. Only then can you hope to paint the subject with conviction.
Visiting the natural environment of the subject, gives a deepening insight into the delicate balance of the natural world and the very real harm that mankind is continually doing to it.”
Tom has overwhelming concerns about the natural species of the UK and Europe “our own backyard species” that are “in danger” endangered and at times overlooked. Tom is committed to conservation and regularly donates to reputable conservation trusts.